Intelligence on Agricultural Risk Management for the wider Agriculture, Insurance & Reinsurance

Greetings everybody!!

With this first entry on my "Information Stack" I materialize a desire of creating a platform where many of my peers and colleagues that work on Agricultural Risk Management may find information and inspiration to support their decision making, create new products, interact with fellow colleagues globally and motivate anyone interested in agriculture to contribute with their knowledge for the benefit of this industry.

After many years working on the agricultural risk management arena as an International Reinsurance Broker, I noticed that one of the main gaps on the set of tools available to the wider community working on this field was a social web platform where one could find information necessary to support underwriting decisions on agricultural risks. As well, I have noticed that whenever I post something related with agriculture on Linkedin I have a big percentage of my network (around 30%) taking notice of those entries.

Most of the information is scattered across a number of platforms and sources, sometimes very specific to a certain subject and my main intention is not only to write about agriculture and its sub-lines of business (aquaculture, crops, forestry and livestock/bloodstock) but also, through here, to systemize and regularly provide the links to my readers of those news that, according to certain categories, you may find useful. Hope it is of service to anybody interested!!

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